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Emir Sultan Tomb

This Tomb is a part of " zaviye .  Zaviye, is a social and religious places in Turkish culture. It is not only  a religious building  but also it is  a place of  baths (hammam),  cooking and serving meals, laundry  facilities to the visitors and  poor people and also it is a place  for education especially  religious education. .

In this building complex, there is tomb  where Seyyid Mükremiddin (the chief commander of the Turkish Gazi Umur bey) has been buried.  It is believed that, he died in  1340 - 1350 period. The building has been built  between in 1512-1520 period. 

The building complex is consists of tomb, cooking facility (aşhane) , hammam   and mevlevihane (where Mevlevis pray  to God). There is also a cemetery in the garden.







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Emir Sultan Türbesi ( In Turkish)

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