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About the site

Doctor's and professional's files in this web site ( are informational and educational purpose only and written for medical professionals such as general practitioners, nurses and medical students not for specialist as neurosurgeon or spine surgeon. Specialist, knows more than those written in web site ( files. Files in this web ( site are focused on basic anatomic structures, algorithms, emergency and danger situations in patients with back and leg pain.

For patients

When you have back or neck problems, you are trying to get information about your complaints or disease. Sites, seems to you as the easiest way. It is understandable. You can get too many source without any effort. At this point, you should ask yourself that, are these sites dependable and secure . This is very important for your health. I am sorry to say, most of you do not pay attention to this important issue.

Let's discuss about what is important to you as a patient.

Is detailed medical information important for you. If you are not a medical professional (like MD or nurse) I don't think so. Trying to learn detailed information makes you blind. You can not pay attention what do you need to know. Most of the medical web sites are filled with unnecessary information for patients. Learning structures (anatomy), physiology ( how organs and structures  works) and pathophysiology  (mechanisms of the disease) should not help to you for coping  your  illness. Still I don't  understand  are these web sites is written for medical professionals or for patients.

Are colorful pictures or diagrams important for you. Some simple diagrams or pictures can help to understand what the event is. Watching videos about surgery is not very meaningful for you. I do not understand what the architectural project  is, because I am neurosurgeon.  Well, how can you assess these videos as a non medical profession.

In my opinion; 5 points should be important for you:

1- The accuracy of diagnosis,

2- The accuracy of treatment,

3- The accuracy of  the decision of surgery,

4- The results of surgery

5- Alarm signs (as known as Red flags)

Spinanet. Com site is focused on these five points.

The site is written for patients who wants to learn more about their diagnosed disease, in simple and non-medical language.   

Site is not intended to advertise. So, you can not find any information about my office, phone numbers and  appointment forms in this site. I think, you wonder who am I. I am Turkish certified neurosurgeon since 1980.

New articles will be added as soon as I can

 10  March  2014 

Osman Košanaoğulları  MD


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